By committee

"We need a four legged transportation animal.

Strong, fast, sturdy enough to carry a passenger." Said the brief leader.

"Ok, so we'll start with the legs."

Designer one sketched four, powerful looking legs, muscular at the top, slim and nimble at the bottom; a perfect blend of speed and power.

"That's good. Now, the body."

Designer one started to draw a thick, round, barrel shaped body to fit on top of the legs.

"Hmmm. I'm not sure. I mean, I know it needs to be big enough for passengers but...that looks more like an elephant." Brief leader pointed out.

"How about we keep the same basic structure but slim it down, put it in proportion and add some more muscle." Designer one said, "That way it keeps its bulk and strength and ensures it retains its speed and agility."

Designer one sketched her idea.

"Good, good."

"I'll keep everything streamlined, so from a balance and speed perspective it can be as efficient as possible. Strong muscular neck, long, pointed head. There, perfect. Strength, balance and speed. Let's call it, a horse."

"What if it gets hungry?" Designer two added.

"I've given it a mouth to eat from." Designer one replied.

"Yeah but what if there's nothing to eat or drink?"

"What situation will it be in where there's no food?"

"Long trips...could be in the desert or something." The brief leader added.

"Yeah but the brief doesn't say that, the client doesn't need something that travels the desert."

"Yes, but what if they did one day, it's best to be prepared just in case." Designer two said.

"I agree, what's your idea." Brief leader responded.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure." Designer two rubbed his head.

"Well, why don't we give it a hump?" Designer three added, excitedly.

"A hump?"

"Yeah, it can store fat in there and the body can use it when it needs it." Designer three continued.

"But that'll impact it's shape, it won't be as streamline, it won't be a fast." Designer one argued.

"Where would you put it?" Brief leader asked.

"On its back!!" Designer four jumped up, walking to the design board. "That way any passengers it carries could use it to lean on. It can double up as a seat!!!"

"Great idea." Designer two said.

"What?" Designer one looked around the room.

"And look if we're not as bothered about speed, and I'm just thinking about the desert thing here, why don't we make the feet slightly wider - bigger surface area to walk over sand." Designer five added.

"But it's not walking over sand."

"But it could, that's why we have the humps." Said designer three.

"But I don't think it should have humps." Designer one remonstrated.

"We've agreed on the humps already." Said designer five.

"Yes, the humps are a great idea, it aids seating." Designer four insisted.

"We're keeping the humps. Make the feet wider too." Brief leader asserted.

"What if it gets hot?" Designer five asked.

"Well...let's make the neck and legs longer, increasing the distance from the scorching hot sand." Designer six suggested.

"But that would put everything out of proportion." Designer one complained.

"Function over form..." The brief leader insisted.

"There is no scorching hot sand!!"

"In the desert there is." Designers four and five agreed.

"Its not going to the desert!"

"But it might." Brief leader concluded.

"What about different terrains?" Designer two asked.

"It'll still work, it's designed to be all things to everyone. That's the beauty of it."

"So we started off with a lean, powerful animal, that can transport people from A to B, as per the brief...and gave it humps, a long neck, long legs and wide feet, just in case it's ever in the desert..." Designer one summarised.

"Yes" the room replied.

"Anything else you want to add?"

There was silence for a moment.

"Oh give it bushy eyebrows too...sand storms remember."

Designer seven added, to nods around the room.

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