Next big thing

There was an order to it.

Facebook first. Twitter. Then Instagram. And only when things got really desperate, LinkedIn - it was a lack of interest in networking that put him off that one. Too much of an ‘artist’. But every now and again there was something less corporate, less self promotional.

Then after social media, the news sites. Each app telling the same stories just in a slightly different way - different order of importance maybe:

Someone said something they shouldn't. Someone was spotted with someone they shouldn't be. A footballer in trouble. News on the royals. Another politician to step down etc etc.

Before he could start on his favourite websites his phone rang.

“Hi. What you doing?”
“Endlessly scrolling at the moment.”
“Anything interesting?”
“You bored or something? I thought you had work.”
“That’s what I’m doing I’m looking for something for work. Hoping something will leap out and give me a few ideas, ‘cos I'm absolutely blank right now.”
“What you after?”
“I’ll know it when I see it.”
“That’s specific.”
“I don't know. Something that reflects life. Something that makes people think - ‘yeah, thats how I feel’.”
“Have you tried Twitter?”
“Huff post?”
“Look, before you name every app and website in the world, rest assured I’ll check them all.”
“Ok, ok. Where are you?
“Coffee shop. I’ve got the Mac open, the bullet journal ready, ballpoint and highlighter on standby, oh and a double latte macchiato, which is clearly not doing it’s job.”
“Ha. Take a pic for Insta and I’ll be down there in half an hour?”
“Catch you in a bit.”

He put the phone down and looked at the blank screen - poised to type...

At the table next to him was a young couple with their toddler. She was pointing at her parents every time they took a sip of coffee, taking her dummy out each time to try and dip the end into the foam.

A middle aged couple sat at the table opposite, both in their own world watching the crowds walk by, not saying a word to one another. The woman halved a small cupcake and they shared a piece each, still in silence...exactly how they wanted it to be.

A man in a fitted suit with polished shoes sat legs crossed in an armchair, engrossed in the Daily Mail - ‘30 days and we’re out!’ plastered over its front page. In the armchair opposite a woman with an equally tailored suit and even shinier shoes read The Guardian - ‘30 days to change our minds’, the headline.

One of the barista‘s poured a hot tea and took it outside to a man wrapped in ragged sheets, a woolly hat and a torn jumper, who looked surprised and delighted all at once. Her manager asking why she hadn't cleaned a table just vacated when she came back in.

All these things in constant motion. Never really starting, never really stopping, just happening, always.

...he took the photo of his table and wrote:

Coffee shop life #inspiration #remoteworking #nextbigidea #lookingformotivation #nothingyet

He sighed and began scrolling again.

Still nothing.

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